Amanda seyfried dating josh hartnett american single mothers dating

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Amanda seyfried dating josh hartnett

The couple split their time between Dublin — where Penny Dreadful films for six months of the year — and London, where Egerton has a home near Columbia Road.“What’s so easy and so nice is the proximity of those two cities, so when I’m working in Dublin we always spend a lot of time in London too,” he enthuses.He was rapidly promoted to pin-up status, his unfeasibly handsome face decorating billboards and magazine covers across the globe.Then, it seemed, he rather went to ground, in Hollywood terms at least, disappearing from the limelight for long stretches.“I am still keeping clothes warm in New York,” he adds, referring to the Brooklyn apartment he called home for several years.“There’s a bunch of well-protected furniture there.” Hartnett grew up in Saint Paul, Minnesota, with “hippy parents”.Wild Horses, with James Franco and Robert Duvall, is out next month and he is currently in Prague filming Mountains and Stones with Ben Kingsley, a story set in eastern Turkey at the outbreak of the First World War.

His film The Lovers was released in the US earlier this year.“I guess I have taken longer hiatuses than most,” he admits.“Since I started 16 years ago, I have probably worked for 10 of those years and taken six off.“So I went off to college in New York instead.” Again he found it a challenge to apply himself to the constrictive curriculum.“Everybody was just trying to please their professors — they didn’t try to experiment, which I thought was the antithesis of what should be done at an art school.” He said as much in a letter to the dean, which he wrote instead of an examination essay; the dean responded by inviting him to leave.

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Somebody once told me that if you type my name into Google, ‘Whatever happened to Josh Hartnett? I know everyone says that but I swear.” While Hartnett may never have succumbed to the temptation to check, for a while it was a valid question.

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