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During its prime, the hit show featured such famous faces as Woody Allen and Buster Keaton catching people in the act of being themselves.

With a wink and a “smile,” you never knew when someone would step out and say the program’s popular catchphrase.

upon us, and hey, since being kind of contrary is the American way, why not celebrate this most delicious of holidays by watching some of the best TV from the country so many of those early settlers were fleeing?

It should be fun, and the organisers are safety conscious.'I hate Big Brother and don’t like reality TV shows.

The contestants are watched by 35 cameras 24 hours a day as they live inside the 10,000 sq ft house in California, with footage streamed live on the web.

Organisers of the show have recruited 40 You Tube personalities to take part and split them into teams of six, who will spend a week in the house.

She’s pretty rude when she hears it’s a wrong number.

Then when they put the phone down they immediately get another call from someone looking for Quentin and another and another until they finally get a call from Quentin who is […]The victim gets a call confirming their “order” from a dodgy internet site.

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