Bsd updating ports using svn

Posted by / 02-Sep-2017 00:01

Binary updates (freebsd-update) are NOT supported for this tag.If you use this branch you must use source updating for all subsequent security fixes.Look for the variables REVISION and BRANCH - these will also be output when you load the new kernel and issue either uname -r or uname -a.When this step is complete you should read the file /usr/src/UPDATING (or in our non-standard case /var/src/UPDATING) for specific notes about the release.Some level of risk is involved, offset against being udated for the lastest security fixes, and significantly lower risk than using -CURRENT.Resides in the /stable branch under the major version number, for example, will provide the latest major version 8 sources (see here).

You can find the information about what version you will have by looking at the script /usr/src/sys/conf/(or in our non-standard case /var/src/sys/conf/ once the svn run is complete.

A specific, frozen-in-time, release of Free BSD, for example, 9.1.

Resides under the /release branch and has a major, minor and third level (normally 0) version number, for example, (see here).

There is no attempt to analyze the reasons - it just works.

But one is left with that vaguely uncomfortable feeling that if anything goes wrong the only solution will be a panicky google search and a lot of hope. As a minimum you should back up /etc and if it's a web server /usr/local/www (or wherever you keep your webs) and then anything else that is unique to this system (check-list).

bsd updating ports using svn-77bsd updating ports using svn-11bsd updating ports using svn-42

We will be using non-standard paths so need we to do more work.