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Apr 1894 1900 Residence--Magisterial District 2, Little Fork Precinct 4, Elliott, Kentucky Parents-- Frank (b. Father: Name: Charles Worthington Birth: 1865 - Greenup, Greenup, Kentucky, USA Death: California, USA Marriage: - Greenup, KY (Kentucky) Parents: John Luther Worthington, Sarah Brown Fitzer Spouse: Edarea Edith Sinnett His siblings: Leona Worthington--b. FSP was the first prison in the world to have electric power, which was provided by the first hydroelectric powerhouse in California.

Emery s paternal GRANDPARENTS: John Luther (Jack) Worthington (PARENTS: John Worthington & Ann Sarah Luther [Louther]) Born: ; Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA Died: ; Greenup, Kentucky, USA Married: 1st: Sarah Richards --no dates or children listed 2nd: Sarah Brown Fitzer --on in Greenup, Kentucky, USA Children: Charles David Worthington James Worthington John Worthington Laura Ann Worthington Leona Worthington May Worthington Nancy Elizabeth Worthington Sarah Worthington Temperance Worthington If Charles Worthington was indeed a Folsom Prison inmate in the late 1890 s this site-- says: "Prison construction began in 1878 on the site of the Stony Bar mining camp along the American River.

However, what you’ve got to remember is that no matter what age you are dating will always be a bit scary at first!

The difference is, now online dating has arrived to make the whole process a lot easier… You can window shop for as long as you like, you can meet some interesting people, and most importantly it gives you an excuse to get dressed up and go to nice places.

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Every day we help hundreds of people just like you find that special someone.Country Rank : Is your sites rank among the other sites in your country.Most Search Queries : This shows how your site was found on search engines, which words were used to find your website.Not perhaps the most exciting benefit, but still important.With such busy lifestyles trying to accommodate work and family commitments, finding time for dating can be difficult.

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