Dating hawaiian culture

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Dating hawaiian culture

While the weekend served up a big dose of light-hearted fun and special 25th anniversary celebrations for the resort and this annual event, it was also steeped in deep meaning — about our connection to ourselves, our pasts, our families, our communities, and the earth.

It is experiences like this weekend at the Ritz’s Celebration of the Arts festival that remind me to pay closer attention to how I spend my days, to attend to all my relationships with more care and consideration, and to honor my connection to our planet.

Other meaningful activities included a commitment ceremony in which the community’s leaders drank from sacred bitter waters and pledged their commitment to Hawaiian culture and community and a scenic Hawaiian sunset ritual, marking a mindful close to the day.

We listened to traditional Hawaiian music, were entertained with traditional Hawaiian Hula, feasted our eyes on traditional Hawaiian artwork and our bellies on traditional Hawaiian poke and poi.

I left work as a lawyer a handful of years ago after becoming inspired and transformed by the world of personal growth and development.

I was looking for a way to live more deeply, to find meaning in every day, to work on improving myself and my relationships, and to be intentional about the time I have on this planet.

Listen in to Alexis pick the brains of her favorite transformational experts every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month on her show, Wisdom Wednesdays.

Captain James Cook and his ships, the Resolution and Discovery, entered the sheltered waters of Kealakekua Bay (Path of the Gods) on the morning of Jan 17, 1779, during the height of a local religious festival. We are privileged to enjoy it and share it with others.

This sweet pocket of historical importance, unmatched snorkeling, and onshore adventure is the most protected deep water bay in all of Hawaii.

I had heard about this special weekend from Clifford Naeole, the Ritz’s Cultural Advisor, when I was vacationing in Maui last August.

Naeole’s stories about his childhood and Hawaiian customs stuck with me and I was drawn to the idea of coming back to soak myself in the spirit of Aloha.

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