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Nippon is not a specific manufacturer of porcelain, but rather refers to ceramic objects stamped with the word Nippon on their bases. Nippon is the English spelling of what Americans called Japan at the time. Customs no longer accepted pottery stamped with Nippon, and imported china was instead stamped with Japan.

Mc Kinley Tariff Act forbidding the import of items that weren't clearly marked in legible English words.

Consulting a china expert, a certified appraiser, or an antiques and collectible dealer in person may be your style, but you can also utilize the many available online resources, most of which have helpful photographs.

Contacting a china or antiques dealer can be the quickest way to identify your porcelain marks.

During the Nippon era, Japanese potters were trained to imitate European styles such as Limoges and R. A wide range of items were produced including vases, punch bowls, butter tubs, and even dolls.

These ornate pieces were less expensive than most European porcelain, and thus highly sought after by many porcelain collectors in the United States.

It is also safe to date any Japanese pottery and porcelain with marks in English to the late 17th century on.

His collection of historic and important real photo postcards is one of the most important in that field.

Check the dealer's website or make a preliminary phone call to determine their specialty.

The dealer may want to charge a consultation fee, or he may let you know that he would like to sell your piece if you desire, depending upon his policy.

A helpful dating tip in the labyrinth of Japanese marks is it is generally accepted that marks that include "Dai Nippon" in Japanese characters, on the whole, date to the Meiji (1868 to 1912) period, reflecting the greatly increased nationalism of the time.

Many early Japanese pottery marks were hand-painted, as they were viewed as a signature.

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