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Edan gross dating

Richard Mulligan won an Emmy the first season, and earned nominations the next two.

Laverne refuses to accept Christmas gifts from Harry. Ritter, Lisa Borges and Theresa Ring as Charley’s Dates 12. A young patient is on the verge of death and no one can figure out why. An overworked Harry has an angina attack but refuses to slow down and rest. Meanwhile, Harry unknowingly throws away Laverne’s lucky hot dog wrapper while cleaning up the office. Guest Starring: Michael Stoynav as Darrell, Paul Regina as Michael, David Dunard as Vice Principal, Katherine James as Teacher, Diana Barrows as Student, Christian Hoff as Student, Rif Hutton as Cop 22. The Westons take in a lost dog and then blame Dreyfuss for all the damage it does. Charley auditions to become a television weatherman.

Season 1, Episode 4November 5, 1988Carol (Dinah Manoff) is afraid Harry's going to die, and Blanche (Rue Mc Clanahan) is afraid he'll die before marrying her.

Season 1, Episode 5November 12, 1988Harry's elated when Barbara (Kristy Mc Nichol) announces that she's going to tie the knot with a surgeon (Sam Mc Murray).

Carol feels guilty after the two end up sleeping together. Guest Starring: Jennifer Salt as Linda Brody, Hayley Tyrie as Erica, Liz Sheridan as Elspeth, Fran Ryan as Mrs.

Carol objects when Harry asks her to tutor a boy she used to baby-sit, until she sees how handsome he has become. A young patient in need of a father sets Harry up on a date with her mom.

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Season 1, Episode 14January 28, 1989Harry could be getting serious with a new woman (Susan Anspach), but everyone has doubts about the relationship, except Carol.

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