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Maori and Aboriginal legends allude to significant cosmogenic events in the region, while Aboriginal legends about tsunami are common along the eastern Australian coast. The stars tumbled and clattered and fell one against the other . They were heralded by a huge mass, red and glowing, that added to the number of falling stars by bursting with a deafening roar and scattering in a million pieces which were molten . The purpose of the investigation into New Zealand and Australian Mega-Tsunami is two fold: to elaborate on the rich, indigenous oral history of the region to show that a recent cosmogenic mega-tsunami possibly occurred and to use similar types of oral history in the Kimberley region of NW Australia to identify other mega-tsunami in the Australian region.

Evidence for legends that could describe the impact of a cosmogenic tsunami also exists in NW Australia.

The brand was established in 1988 and abolished in 2013 when it was superseded by Sydney Trains and NSW Train Link.

In June 2013, it operated 307 stations and over 2,060 kilometres of track, extending north to the upper Hunter Region, south to the Shoalhaven and Southern Highlands regions and west to Bathurst.

In the year ended 30 June 2012, 306 million journeys were made on the network.

All M and H sets, which had a green target plate, were serviced at Eveleigh Maintenance Centre.Cosmogenic Mega-Tsunami in the Australia region – are they supported by Aboriginal and Maori legends? Research along the east coast of Australia since 1989 (Bryant 2001; Bryant & Nott 2001) indicates that a mega-tsunami struck and eroded the shores of Lord Howe Island and the rocky coastline of New South Wales over a distance of 600 km around AD 1500 (Fig. A comet impact in the region is the most likely cause of such a large and widespread event.Abstract: Mega-tsunami have affected much of the coastline of Australia over the past millennium. The location of a possible impact has recently been discovered (Fig.More attention should be given to oral traditions in searching globally for other sites of significant mega-tsunami. The impact would also have injected billions of tonnes of water into the atmosphere as superheated vapour that would have fallen subsequently as torrential rain that would have exceeded historical levels and produced catastrophic flooding.

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It was that a great ancestor had left the earth and had gone up into the sky . If the large object in the Burragorang legend had struck the ocean, it would have had the potential to generate a regionally devastating tsunami.