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Later on deploying the web service, the operation elements become the input/output elements. For example, the Get Person Element generates this wsdl element from the previous section into the WEB-INF folder. Add the following jar files to WEB-INF/lib directory of the project. In this configuration, the bean id of the wsdl is “Person” so we can access the wsdl with this url from resulting directory structure should be similar with this image. The following section shows how to make this operations work implementing and mapping the endpoint. Application Context; import Class Path Xml Application Context; import org.soap.client. [id=1, first Name=Clark Joseph, last Name=Kent] [id=2, first Name=Bruce, last Name=Wayne] [id=3, first Name=Harold, last Name=Jordan] [id=5, first Name=Lex, last Name=Luthor] In our example we’ll use WSS4J security. Add this person [id=5, first Name=Lex, last Name=Luthor] No WS-Security header found Get person with id=1...

These jar files are (roughly) the dependencies I simplified from the echo sample. Person; public class Person Service Impl implements Person Service 9. By now you can deploy the project to an application server and view the wsdl from package example.endpoint; import org.server.endpoint. Abstract Marshalling Payload Endpoint; import example.service. Person Service; public abstract class Abstract Person Endpoint extends Abstract Marshalling Payload Endpoint method. Web Service Gateway Support; public class Person Client Impl extends Web Service Gateway Support implements Person Client package example.client; import Soap Fault Client Exception; public class Main Get person with id=1... More information on how use use WSS4j security can be found at spring ws documetation. No WS-Security header found Update person's first name No WS-Security header found Delete person with id=9999 No WS-Security header found Get all persons... Although we can hard code the securement Username and the securement Password, well do this on the runtime when the program has to switch usernames to test against the server’s list of usernames. Application Context; import Class Path Xml Application Context; import org.soap.client.

An easier way to do it is with XJC plugin from this site Conversion Pattern=%d %p [%c] - %m%n package example.service; import JAXB2 marshaller and unmarshaller are declared with the following bean definition. The context path is the package name of JAXB generated classes. The client also uses JAXB2 marshalling and unmarshalling. Console Appender log4j.appender.stdout.layout=org.apache.log4j. The security token could not be authenticated or authorized; nested exception is : The security token could not be authenticated or authorized Mickey is also authorized Get person with id=2...

Create a file under the src folder with the following contents. log4Logger=WARN, stdout log4j.springframework.xml=DEBUG log4j.appender.stdout=org.apache.log4j. Console Appender log4j.appender.stdout.layout=org.apache.log4j. Person Response [id=2, first Name=Bruce, last Name=Wayne] Batman is not authorized Get person with id=2...

It requires knowledge of SOAP, xml schema, xml frameworks, and marshallers.

Despite the learning curve, the reward is so rewarding.

The example uses the following libraries: Spring 2.5.6 Spring WS 1.5.9 jdk6 runtime The ide used was Eclipse 3.5.1 with springide pluggin. Unauthorized users cannot perfrom any of the service operation. The wsdl contract can be happily generated by Spring’s Default Wsdl11Definition later.

It’s an issue with the SAX validator and the DOM source element that represents the parsed XML.

A quick fix to solve this problem is to transform the DOM source to a String.

To keep things simple, we’ll use an in-memory Map datasource instead of a database. There are many tools out there to generate schema from xml such as Trang command and XMLBeans’s ints2xsd.

For our simple example, I personally like doing it by hand.

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The client part of Spring WS can validate the parsed XML before it sends the XML document.