Txt an fuck website

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Txt an fuck website

After the huge debate this original post created, we decided to refine and build upon the original article, bearing in mind the thoughts of some very insightful feedback left by some commenters. In 2014, more people will be using mobile devices to access the internet than desktop PCs.

Accessibility for mobile devices has become a huge priority for web developers.

It may be re-jigged and moved to the top or bottom of the page, but one thing is for sure — it will not be where you were expecting it. Here is the desktop display, complete with a top navigation menu and sidebar that includes the latest posts, snippets and a search box, amongst other things: And now the responsive design on my i Phone: Both the navigation menu and sidebar widgets have disappeared.Responsive design is seemingly universally accepted as the way forward, but I am far from convinced.Today I am going to explain why I believe that responsive design is not always the optimal solution for web design. Wikipedia describes responsive design as follows: Responsive Web Design essentially indicates that a web site is crafted to use Cascading Style Sheets 3 media queries…with fluid proportion-based grids, to adapt the layout to the viewing environment, and probably also use flexible images.Now let’s take a look at the site on my i Phone (to scale): On my i Phone 4’s retina display this is perfectly readable and as the visitor would expect — and this is in portrait view.Remember that the above screenshot is a relatively low-quality JPG, and you are probably looking it at from 2-4 times the distance that you would if you had the phone in your hand.

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