Value not updating unbound ole object

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Hi, I have a form call Project which generates a control_number for each project created.

On this form I have a button that opens another form for employee assignment to the project. [Control_Number]" & _ "WHERE Is Null([Active Emp_Temp]. Access 2002 If you have a control source in a form is it possible to update a table field with that control source?

Here's the code, from what testing I have done it is telling me that there are no rows in the datagridview (datagridview1.rowcount returns 0) when I can visibly see that there are many rows: [Code]...

Txtbox pulls up info from the table just fine, but users are unable to edit - "control can't be edited; it's bound to the expression 'Dlookup(.....)'.

This page is a reference for developers, demonstrating how to use the DAO library to programmatically create, delete, modify, and list the objects in Access - the tables, fields, indexes, and relations, queries, and databases - and read or set their properties. Unique." Else str Descrip = str Descrip & " Unique." End If Case Else If fld. Index Dim int Return As Integer int Return = intc Index None For Each ind In tdf.

Type Case db Byte, db Integer, db Long str Descrip = str Descrip & " Whole number." Case db Single, db Double str Descrip = str Descrip & " Fractional number." Case db Text str Descrip = str Descrip & " " & fld.

Default Value = vb Null String Case db Boolean Call Set Property DAO(fld, "Display Control", db Integer, _ CInt(ac Check Box)) End Select str Out = str Out & Mid(str In, lng Start, 1&) bool Was Space = False bool Was Upper = False End Select Next Convert Mixed Case = str Out End Function Function Set Field Description(tdf As DAO. Field, _ Optional By Val str Descrip As String, Optional str Err Msg As String) _ As Boolean Select Case fld. Create Property("Perform Name Auto Correct", db Long, 0) .

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DAO (Data Access Objects) is the native library Microsoft designed to expose the object in Access. Required Then str Descrip = str Descrip & " Required." End If End Select 0& Then str Descrip = Trim$(Left$(str Descrip, 255&)) Set Field Description = Set Property DAO(fld, "Description", _ db Text, str Descrip, str Err Msg) End If End Function Private Function Index On Field(tdf As DAO.

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