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Who is lala anthony dating

It's only the beginning of what could be the end for Carmelo and La La Anthony, but the NBA star wants wandering eyes to know his estranged wife is still off-limits.

The Knicks forward was left fuming after comedian Chris Rock made public advances towards the Power actress on the Wendy Williams Show, sources tell Daily ''The studio audience laughed at Chris remarks, but the one person not amused was her estranged husband.'He was really upset,' a source close to the player told Daily

And while Carmelo seems to be making an effort to save his marriage after years of living by the philosophy, 'La La is married, I'm not,' it may all be too little too late in the eyes of his wife.'After seven years, I think she's ready to move on.

She really feels there's no turning back from what Carmelo has done and just wants to figure out how to end this chapter of her life in a way that's best for her son,' the source concluded.

Both feel it would really teach Carmelo a lesson too,' the source revealed. Less than a year after his divorce from his wife Malaak was finalized, Rock revealed he had been unfaithful.“I was a piece of s---,” he told an audience during a comedy show, before describing three women with whom he cheated: one famous, one semifamous, and one a member of the retail class (as the magazine put it).Chris Rock said the star looked 'great' at this year's Met Gala (left).The actress recently said in an interview that she is staying 'strong' in the midst of her divorce, but admitted walking on the red carpet alone is not 'the easiest thing to do' (Right: Carmelo and La La at the 2016 Met ball)'The toughest part of all of this really is making a decision that protects her son, as well as herself.On Sunday, La La's estranged beau wished her a very happy birthday on Instagram, gushing: 'You are as beautiful now as ever before! Sending Birthday wishes to MY EARTH @lala Love YOU!

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La La moved out of the family home last week and has her own place in NYC now.